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You'll never guess how many people have voiced Donald Duck over the years!

Though his voice is one of the most fun to mimic, Donald Duck hasn't been the host to many voice artists.

In fact, since his conception in 1934 by Walt Disney Productions, there have only been two people who have brought the iconic voice to life—at least in an official sense.

Voice performer Clarence Nash audition for Walt Disney Studios when he found out they were looking for people to make animal sounds for the cartoons.

Disney was looking to create a character that could portray some of the more negative character traits that Mickey could no longer hold since becoming a children's role model. Nash's impression of a duck won them over and he became the original voice artist for the infamous angry duck.

Nash died in 1985 with “Mickey's Christmas Carol” being his last performance as Donald in 1983. Nash's pupil, Tony Anselmo, took over with the first time in the film “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” It was a challenging first role, challenging Daffy Duck, voiced by creator Mel Blanc, to a piano duel. He still voices the duck to this day.


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