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When Tina Fey was five years old she was slashed in the face with a knife by a stranger.

If you’re the type of person who enjoys Tina Fey and her humor, then you’ve likely either noted the scar on her face or have learned why it’s there yourself. If it’s a story you’re not familiar with, then read on. Fey was silent on how she got the scar until 2008. As detailed in her book Bossypants, it happened during her second semester in kindergarten. 

She was in the alley behind her house when a stranger came up to her and slashed her face with a knife. According to Fey, the scar has been the basis of much annoyance in her life as people have often reacted to it in ways that frustrate her. Fey recounts that as a child, however, having a scar was a more pleasant experience. 

In her book Bossypants, she claims it was “a miniature form of celebrity,” as many kids knew who she was just because of it. She goes on to say that family friends and relatives would often give her gifts and candy. 

Though she enjoyed it as a child, she later realized that people were only being kind to her because her face was slashed and not because of personality or intellect. Still, she has decided to take it at face value and consider it all a “wonderful misunderstanding.” 


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