19 Astonishing Facts
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There are more Godzilla movies (28) than James Bond movies (22)!

These are also two of the longest movie series ever. The first James Bond film came out in 1962, making the series nearly 50 years old! The first Godzilla film came out in 1954, so they’ve been making Godzilla movies for almost 60 years! Neither series is over yet either. In fact, new installments in both the Godzilla and James Bond series are slated for 2012 releases. The Godzilla film will be in 3-D!

We’ve only counted “official” releases for these series. Technically, there are 29 Godzilla movies if you wanted to count the American movie directed by Roland Emmerich (I'd rather not). There’s also 24 James Bond films if you count the 1967 James Bond parody film Casino Royale with comedian Peter Sellers as Bond and if you count Never Say Never Again, an unofficial James Bond film starring Sean Connery.

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