19 Totally Mind-Blowing Facts
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The red Swingline stapler didn’t exist before Office Space!

In the movie Office Space, the production designer, Edward McAvoy, had to come up with a stapler so special that the character Milton wouldn’t want to give it up. The running gag in the film is that Milton’s boss, Bill Lumberg, keeps stealing it and Milton has to continue to get it back. 

McAvoy decided to make the stapler fire engine red. He called Swingline to see if they produced a red stapler. Unfortunately they didn’t. McAvoy was given permission by Swingline to paint one of their staplers red, though, and use it in the film. 

McAvoy took 4 staplers to a local auto-body shop. He had them paint each stapler bright red. The film was released in 1999. By 2002, Swingline had so many requests for red staplers that they began a line of Rio Red 747 Business Staplers. The staplers are now in offices all over the world. 


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