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The movie Old School is a retelling of Fight Club.

Many movies are retellings of previous successful movies. If it worked once, why not twice? The art of retelling is putting a new spin and perspective on the idea. For Todd Phillips, the writer and director of Old School, the goal was to add comedy to the past movie Fight Club. 

Phillips deliberately modeled his movie after the Fight Club with the hope that viewers would notice the similarities and appreciate his different take on the old movie. He hoped they would appreciate the comedy and satire of Old School. Check out the source for some of the most interesting common plot points

Here are some other movies that are retellings:

  • Pinocchio has several influences including a Bible story and a pornographic novel from Ancient Rome. From the Bible, Pinocchio draws from the story of Jonah. Like Jonah, title character Pinocchio also is swallowed by a whale. Pinocchio’s transformation into a donkey comes from the Roman novel.
  • Gilligan’s Island was remade off of Robinson Crusoe. The biggest difference between the two movies is that Gilligan’s Island features 7 people, each representing one of the deadly sins. For example, Ginger represents the deadly sin of lust. 


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