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The host of River Monsters has nearly died in several occasions making his show!

Jeremy Wade, host of the popular Animal Planet show River Monsters, and Dr. House lookalike, doesn't always have the easiest time on his adventures, especially when it comes to the Amazon. 

In between catching fish (or, on some journeys, not catching fish), he's narrowly escaped drowning from a sinking boat in the Amazon, been threatened at gunpoint also in the Amazon at a different time, survived a plane crash relatively unscathed on yet another Amazon expedition, and on his last trip to the Amazon was rammed in the chest by a 6-foot Arapaima. 

It's safe to say that the Amazon and Jeremy Wade do not get along. Aside from those, he has also caught malaria in the Congo where the locals thought he would die, been detained as a suspected spy while fishing at the Mekong River, and had a machete accident where he hacked thumb to the bone, then had to perform surgery with super glue. 

The next time you're watching River Monsters and thinking how lame reality T.V. shows are, just remember what this man has been through for the sake of our entertainment and maybe a little obsession on his part. 


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