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The Wiggles created their finger pointing move to avoid charges of child molestation!

It's really hard to detach the actors of children's shows from the character that they play.

Rather than actual people playing a role, it feels like we're watching a life broadcast from a topsy turvy parallel universe completely detached from our own.

However the truth is that everyone from Blue's Clues' Steve to the Wiggles inhabits our society.

And in our society, when they're working with mostly children, adult actors have to be especially sure that they don't accidently do something that can trample them with law suits.

According to the "friendly pirate", played by Paul Paddick, none of the Wiggles ever physically touch the children on the show. When being photographed with children, they always use their "pointy fingers" pose so that it is clear exactly where their hands are, or rather, where they are not.

The Wiggles team insisted that touching children, however innocently, was inappropriate and open to the risk of litigation considering the worth the Wiggles brand. Besides, the Wiggles receive enough resentment from annoyed parents' as it is.


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