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The US Department of Defense worked on Transformers 2 for over a year.

We’ve previously talked about how the US Military often consults on major films depicting it, and neglected to consult on The Avengers. While a sect of the US Military devoted to superheroes was deemed too unrealistic for the military, a movie about giant transforming alien robots fighting alongside the military was deemed okay. 

Jokes aside, the whole purpose is just to strive for more realism. For the first Transformers film, DreamWorks and Paramount Studios partnered with the United States Air Force. With Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen in 2009, the production company decided to branch out to highlight America’s military members and power on the big screen. 

Often, real military members (current and former) are even cast in movies like this to encourage realism. It might seem a little odd that films like Transformers would be concerned with realism. The explanation makes perfect sense though. 

In movies without supernatural elements, the audience automatically assumes everything operates in the same functional, normal world. When an element like aliens or superpowers is introduced, the production team often works harder to maintain the viewers’ suspension of disbelief. 

It’s really just to make it so that the audience can buy into the premise. So it makes sense that in movies like Transformers, the production team would bring in military consultants to ensure the film is as true to reality as it could be. 


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