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The Power Rangers were inspired by Spider-Man!

In fact, many components of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers were borrowed from Japanese Spider-Man. In the 1970s, the Japanese Toei Company produced a television show based on Marvel’s Spider-Man comics. Let’s just say the Japanese adaptation took a few liberties with the Spider-Man character. Yes, he still walked on walls and captured crooks in his webs. However, this Spider-Man didn’t swing through city streets on his webs; he had a flying car! Also, instead of going toe-to-toe with traditional Spider-Man villains, Japanese Spider-Man was busy with a new nemesis, the aptly-named “Professor Monster”. Every week, Professor Monster would create a new monster for Spider-Man to fight. The monsters would then grow to giant size, so Spider-Man would have to get into a giant robot-spaceship with a sword named Leopardon to take them down. Sound at all familiar?

Toei later went on to produce many influential series, including Super Sentai, which we know in America as Power Rangers. The robot-fighting-a-giant-monster aspect of Super Sentai was an idea that they borrowed from their Spider-Man show. You could even say that Spider-Man was the original Power Ranger!

Pretty sweet lyrics: "Yeah, yeah, yeaaaaaaah! Wow!"

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