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The Beatles wanted to star in a film version of the Lord of the Rings. They wanted Stanley Kubrick to direct

Kubrick, of course is one of the best movie directors that ever lived. Some of his best known movies are '2001: A Space Odyssey,' 'A Clockwork Orange,' and 'The Shining.' When the film rights to The Lord of the Rings were sold to United Artists, The Beatles tried to jump on the opportunity to make a film about it. The Lord of the Rings was a huge hit with the '60s liberation movement and it makes sense that The Beatles would take interest in a project like this.

However, Stanley Kubrick had to turn them down. For him, the stories were impossible to capture on film. Indeed, the only projects based on the property were some mediocre animated movies for a long time, until Peter Jackson made the early 2000 versions. Peter Jackson later said that Tolkien had been against the idea of The Beatles being involved with such a project. Indeed, Tolkien was very protective of his IP and reportedly set up a clause that prohibited Disney from being involved in creating a movie based on his works.


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