19 Amazing Facts
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Slash stole his iconic top hat!

Slash has had his top hat since 1985, when he decided to shoplift it from a store. At the time, he was still extremely poor and didn’t have the money for it, so he just took it. 

He needed an accessory for a show in Los Angeles, and wasn’t about to put the purchase off for later. A top hat is a pretty awkward shaped thing to steal, so Slash made no attempt to hide it as he left the store. He just put it on his head and walked out of the story. 

Luckily for Slash, the hat didn’t have any sensor to set it off as he left. When he got home he decided the hat was a bit boring, and added one of his belts to it for a little flavor. It has been a trademark part of his look ever since. 

A hat isn’t the only thing that Slash has stolen. He also has a stolen guitar. He had taken it from Hard Rock in Orlando and used it for years. No one had claimed it at the time, so Slash assumed it was as good as his. 

Later, in 2007, Slash was being honored at Hard Rock for his career. He decided to return the guitar to Hard Rock as a present. 


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