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Sean Connery was once threatened with a gun on set and swiftly disarmed the man before tossing him out the door!

Legendary Scottish actor Sean Connery is most famous for his role as the original James Bond and many other celebrated roles. And while he often played the suave badass, he isn’t so different in real life. Johnny Stompanato was a famous US marine who eventually became a bodyguard and enforcer for gangster Mickey Cohen. Stompanato couldn’t exactly be characterized as a wholesome individual. 

After being married a couple times, he began an affair with actress Lana Turner, who just so happened to be making a movie with Sean Connery. The always jealous Stompanato once stormed onto the movie set of Turner and Connery and proceeded to point a gun at the actors. Connery, in full James Bond mode, quickly disarmed the ex-marine and gangster in front of the entire set. He then picked him up and tossed him out back, solidifying his legendary reputation. 

Stompanato was then deported from the UK for his offense and later stabbed to death by Lana Turner’s daughter. Connery embarrassing Stompanato became so well known that at the time of his death, Connery was forced to go into hiding as rumors flew that he was responsible! 


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