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Robin Williams refused to play the genie in Aladdin until he saw a clip of the character doing his own standup routine!

Released in 1992, Aladdin is the 31st animated film made by Disney and one of the most famous of all time. It won many awards, mostly for the soundtrack, and grossed over half a billion dollars! 

Yet for as famous as Aladdin became, it was dangerously close to not having one of its chief characters: The Genie! The character of the all-powerful and hilarious guide, the Genie, was specifically written for Robin Williams, yet when producers approached him with the idea he turned it down thinking audiences wouldn’t receive it in the right way. 

So what did producers do? Instead of hiring another actor, they created a video of the Genie with Williams’ voice doing one of his own standup routines! Williams says when he watched the video he, “laughed his ass off,” and accepted the part right away. 

Good thing he did because not only did the movie go on to be extremely successful, but Williams is now known as crucial in establishing how important famous actors can be in voice acting, creating a new trend! 


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