19 Amazing Facts
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Robert Pattinson pulled a rear end muscle on his first day of filming Twilight.

Robert Pattinson injured himself in a very strange way while filming the Twilight movies. He was performing a scene in a harness and had just lifted up Kirsten Stewart when he pulled a muscle in his bottom. To make matters worse, it had been his first day filming! What an embarrassing thing to happen on a first day. Here's some other ones:

  • Lord of the Rings actor, Viggo Mortensen, broke two toes on camera. He turned it into a performance! The scene the break occurred in was when Aragorn (Mortensen) saw a pile of orcs and thought Frodo was dead. He kicked a helmet, which resulted in two broken toes. Instead of complaining and stopping the scene, Mortensen used his pain as part of the scene, giving a terrible yell. No one knew until after the scene that he had hurt himself, and many viewers remain unaware of it. 
  • Brad Pitt wins on ironic injuries. He was filming for Troy, playing the part of Achilles. Brad Pitt tore his Achilles’ tendon, just like Achilles did in the myth. His injury delayed finishing the film for several months. 


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