19 Totally Incredible Facts
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One of the scenes of The Avengers was added 2 days AFTER the movie premiered.

Man, is there anything that Robert Downey Jr. can’t do? The final end credit scene was added after he encouraged a rewrite of a previous scene. After Thor tears off Iron Man’s mask to reveal an unconscious Tony Stark, Tony was originally supposed to wake up and say, “What’s next?” Robert thought that they ought to mix it up a bit; he suggested that changing that line to Tony suggesting that they all eat at a local shawarma restaurant would be more interesting. 

That scene slid into the movie two days after the Hollywood premiere. This proves that aside from being an amazing actor, Robert Downey Jr. is also a pretty talented wordsmith. Some of his other quotable quotes include: 

  • “I know very little about acting. I’m just an incredibly gifted faker.” 
  • “Nothing’s a break for me. Not even the breaks are breaks.” 

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