19 Totally Incredible Facts
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Mel Brooks almost died making Spaceballs!

Mel Brooks was a comedic mastermind, producing many cult classic comedies such as Young Frankenstein, and the Star Wars inspired parody, Spaceballs! He had a passion for making the best movies he possibly could, and he actually almost DIED making Spaceballs! How?

Yogurt, one of the many characters that Mel Brooks was playing, was a gold color, so Mel Brooks had to paint himself using gold paint that the make up artists promised was non-toxic. As it turns out, the make up artists were wrong, and the paint was VERY toxic!

Before Mel Brooks could say 'Schwartz', he was breaking out in allergic reaction that caused his eyes to swell up because of the fumes from the paint! Brooks believed the show must go on, so he was constantly taking Benadryl and other allergy medications in order to keep the rash from getting any worse!


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