19 Totally Mind-Blowing Facts
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Marvel created a superhero whose only power was being immortal.

His name is Mr. Immortal and he is one of the more curious superheroes Marvel developed. First introduced in 1989, Mr. Immortal was in a group of superheroes called the Great Lakes Avengers who were a smaller and much less talented offshoot of the more famous Avengers. His catchphrase was, “All you're threatening me with is death. And dying's what I do best!"

While the idea of being immortal sounds glamorous, the character was anything but. Mr. Immortal first discovered his superpower when he tried to commit suicide and was unable to succeed. Mr. Immortal became increasingly depressed as the series went on as he continually observed his loved ones pass away.

After much suffering, he would try to have himself killed in increasingly bizarre ways such as being crushed by a boulder, burned alive, self-impaled on giant novelty scissors, a bear trap, a cannon, a chainsaw, piranhas, ferrets, a spear, and even a python!  If you were unable to die, what would be your favorite and least favorite parts of it? 


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