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Lady Gaga's Blood-and-semen perfume is being released in September!

In early 2011, the Internet was abuzz with a rumor that Lady Gaga had requested that the smell of blood and semen were incorporated in the fragrance that she was developing. We even posted it on the site . Well, it's finally ready, and Lady Gaga Fame will be released in September 2012. 

So was the rumor true? Does the perfume contain blood and semen? Yes and no. When formulating the perfume, they took a sample of Lady Gaga's blood, and sperm from an unknown donor, and incorporated the molecular structure of them. With regards to the blood, Lady Gaga said that she wanted people to have 'a sense of having [her] on your skin.' However, the perfume doesn't actually smell like either component. Lady Gaga said that it would make you smell like an expensive hooker. How nice. 

There's another cool thing about this perfume. It's apparently the first perfume ever to be black. When in the bottle, the liquid is actually black, and becomes invisible once it's airborne. Check out the trailer for the perfume below, in it's typical Gaga weirdness fashion.


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