19 Totally Incredible Facts
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Johnny Depp holds the record for the largest paycheck for a single movie.

In 2011, the iconic actor earned more than $53 million to act in the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie. This number is incredible and more than many people could hope to make in their life, much less in a single movie. 

Previously the highest paycheck for a single movie had gone to Tom Hanks who received $50 million for his part in the Da Vinci Code. Clearly producers though Depp was worth the steep price they paid for his quirky image and unforgettable performances. 

Considering the success of the movies Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, it was a cost that paid off at the box office. No one could imagine Pirates of the Caribbean without the slightly mad, but endlessly entertaining Jack Sparrow. 

Depp’s $53 million is extremely impressive, but another big player in film salaries is Will Smith. He may not be able to match Depp’s huge check for a single movie, but annually he is the best-paid actor. With all the movies he is in, Will Smith averages $80 million a year in pay.


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