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In The Two Towers, Aragorn ’s scream of grief at seeing burning Orcs is actually Viggo Mortensen breaking two toes.

Remember that scene in Lord of the Rings where an angry Aragorn kicks a helmet across the landscape upon seeing a pile of burning Orcs? Well, actor Viggo Mortensen was instructed to kick the helmet as close as possible to the camera lens to give it the appearance of flying past it. With each take, the helmet closer and the shot got better. 

Peter Jackson, the director, was satisfied with the fourth take, but then he thought that one more take would make the scene perfect.  When Mortensen made that last kick he broke two of his toes, but rather than asking for medical attention and yelling “cut,” he used his pain to inspire his performance and released that legendary scream of pure agony. The director called it the “best take” and used it in the movie. 

Although we don’t recommend breaking your toes on helmets, we think that Mortensen’s quick thinking and dedication made him the perfect Aragorn. 

However his injury was not the only one in the movie, for more see the video below!:

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