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Harrison Ford got his first big gig in Hollywood because he installed cabinets as a carpenter at George Lucas' house.

Harrison Ford doesn’t need much introduction. He’s most famous for his trademark roles of Indiana Jones (which he might reprise yet again) and Han Solo (which he hated), as well as Rick Deckard in Blade Runner. But like many other now famous actors, he found little success in his early days. 

His career got off to a rocky start when, despite getting a $150 a week contract playing small roles in films, he found himself at the bottom of the hiring list due to his offending producer Jerry Tokovsky. Through the 60’s and 70’s he earned minor roles in television series like Gunsmoke. 

Disappointed with his career, Ford taught himself to be a carpenter to support his wife and kids. At one point he was even a stagehand for The Doors. Then in the early 70’s, George Lucas hired him to build cabinets at his house. Lucas immediately saw the potential in him and cast him in American Graffiti. 

When Star Wars came around, Lucas hired Ford to read lines for actors who were auditioning, but liked Ford’s performance so much that he cast him as Han Solo. 


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