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Christopher Nolan and Steven Spielberg are among the last few directors who still shoot movies on film as opposed to digital!

You may expect Christopher Nolan, the directing force behind The Dark Knight film series, Inception and many other notable films, to use the latest technology. However, despite his thrilling movies, Nolan is traditional at heart.

Along with his cameraman and a few other directors, such as Steven Spielberg, Nolan likes shooting on film rather than using video.

Nolan says he's felt increasing pressure to shoot in digital but prefers film. It's reliable and proven. It's less expensive, and Nolan believes it looks better. Film also takes less time than digital - whereas you can pass film in about 12-14 hours, digital can take 7 or 8 weeks.

Nolan is also afraid that the option to shoot on film will disappear in the near future. He recently gathered several directors to address this issue. He noted that he thought IMAX was the best film format, and those directors who had the power to insist on film, should do so.


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