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Bob Marley had 3 children born in 4 weeks to 3 different women!

Marley married Rita Anderson in 1966, but he had children by several other women. He had three children in late April and the first half of May. The first was born in April on the 20th in 1972. His name was Stephen Marley and he was the child of Bob Marley’s wife Rita. 

The next two children Marley fathered that were born in 1972 were born in May. On May 16th, Marley had a child named Robert, nicknamed Robbie, with Pat Williams. 

On May 19th, just days later, Marley had a child named Rohan with Janet Hunt. Marley had eleven children that are included on his official website. Of those eleven children, five were Rita’s children and the other 6 were children by different women. Unofficially, he also had a child named Makeda with Yvette Crichton.

Makeda was born just after Marley died. Imani Carole may also have been one of Marley’s children. Bob Marley had many women in his life. Besides his wife, he had children with as many as eight women!


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