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Bob Dylan has been following an endless tour schedule since 1988, dubbed The Never Ending Tour!


On September 9, 2012, Dylan will hit his 2,444th show since the beginning of his tour in 1988. He roughly does about 100 shows worldwide every year. Dylan’s band has changed members and evolved throughout the Never Ending Tour, but they keep playing. 

Some of Dylan’s fans follow him around the world making as many of his concerts as possible. Dylan is 71 and has been playing for ages. He’s been a major influence on popular music and culture for five decades. Dylan’s current band has recorded 4 albums since 2001, including a Christmas album. 

In 1997, the tour was halted due to health issues that Dylan was facing, but nevertheless it continued on soon after. He only took off 3 months in the 1997 break and it is the longest break he’s had since the beginning of the tour in 88. There’s no word as to when the tour will actually end. 



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