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Bill Murray gave Wes Anderson a blank check to cover the cost of a scene he was going to cut!

"Rushmore" is a 1998 comedy-drama film about an eccentric high school student, Max Fischer, his wealthy industrialist friend, Herman Blume and both of their love interests, Rosemary Cross. It was directed by high acclaimed director, Wes Anderson and stars Bill Murray as Blume and Jason Schwartzman as Fischer.

Rushmore won Best Director and Best Supporting Male at the Independent Spirit Awards and Murray earned a Golden Globe nomination for his performance.

Filming started in November 1997 in Texas where Anderson grew up. Somewhat intimidated by the seasoned actor, Anderson, at first, delivered his instructions to Bill Murray in a whisper. That way, if the actor decided not to listen to him, Anderson wouldn't be publicly embarrassed.

However, Murray proved to be a huge support during the film. He openly deferred to Anderson's judgement and helped haul equipment on set. When Disney denied Anderson the $25,000 necessary to shoot a scene in which Fischer and Blume are riding in a helicopter, Murray handed Anderson a blank check to cover the costs.


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