19 Totally Mind-Blowing Facts
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A kid lied to his friends about being Jay Leno's nephew. To keep the lie going, he wrote to Leno, who responded by dropping him off at school.

Jay Leno, who you likely know as the current host of NBC’s The Tonight Show, has a great love for cars and runs a series on them. During one episode, he went into detail about one kid who got in trouble with his friends because he told them a big lie: that Leno was his uncle.

The kid claimed that Leno drove him around in his 1986 Lamborghini Countach (the car that Leno was talking about in the episode). To try and cover up the lie, the kid wrote Leno, saying “Is there any chance you could take me to school in your Countach?” Leno thought it was such an outrageous request that he said he’d do it. He took the kid to school and put on the whole charade for the kid’s friends, who all thought it was amazing. 


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