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Canada's money is plastic and smells like Maple Syrup!

The new $100 and $50 bills that the Bank of Canada started circulating recently are made of more durable plastic, instead of those made of more traditional paper. They're a little bit more expense (they cost ¢19 instead of ¢10 per bill to make) but they have an expected life that is 2 and a half times longer than the traditional bills they replace.

The bills will also aid Canada battle counterfeiting. The polymer that they're made of is more difficult to fake. They have new holographic security measures, including one in the shape of a maple leaf. As an added bonus, they also smell like maple syrup and they're recyclable, meaning they will have a lower environmental impact than the prior bills.


UPDATE: Based on some of your comments below, and some more digging, we've found this video of a newscast that talks about the Maple Syrup smell. Some people in it say they smell the Maple, others say it's just a rumor, and through the power of suggestion, people believe that the bill smells like something it doesn't. I've never seen that much Canadian money all at once in my life, so I'll let you guys watch and decide

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