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A 1982 study accurately predicted the effects that technology would have on society today!

The report was commissioned by the National Science Foundation in 1982. It said that by the end of the century, electronic information technology would transform American society. It suggested that 'teletex' and 'videotex' would revolutionize the American home like the automobile and TV had done. They described teletex and videotex as two-way home information systems. Sounds a lot like the Internet doesn't it? 

The report also said that our style of life would be defined by the videotex terminals in our homes. Videotex would allow people to create their own newspapers, control manufacturing to get custom products (Hello Dell!)  and that the home would become another workplace. They wisely warned that the technology would bring up difficult issued regarding privacy and control. They estimated that this would begin happening by 1998. They did a pretty decent job in predicting the outcome. The one thing they didn't get right was that they predicted that these technologies would mean the end of the US two-party system. Other than that, they did a pretty good job describing the effects this technology would you have, don't you think?

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