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The most loyal dog ever: he waited at the train station every day for his owner. He kept doing it for 9 years after his owner died!

This Japanese Akita was named Hachiko, and he has displayed one of the most remarkable signs of loyalty that any dog ever has. He was taken in by a University of Tokyo professor when he was less than a year old. 

For the next year, Hachiko would show up at the Shibuya Train station to greet his owner. This routine would suddenly end on May 1925, when the professor didn't return. The professor died due to an unexpected cerebral hemorrhage.  For the next NINE years, the dog waited every day for the professor to return. 

At first, people were not friendly about the dog. In 1932, however, a news outlet ran a story on Hachiko, and people began bringing him food and treats. The dog would show up every day at the precise time when the train was due.

Shortly after, a student of the dog's former owner followed Hachiko and learned about the dog's remarkable loyalty. He published a number of articles about it, and the dog became a national symbol for loyalty. He was held up as an example of family and national loyalty, particularly to the emperor.  

If this story sounds kinda familiar, it's because it has been picked up by various pop-culture products. None as overt as the 2009 Richard Gere movie called Hachi: A Dog's Tale. 


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