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Thanks to cloning, the Pyrenean Ibex has gone extinct twice.

The Ibex is an animal similar to a ram or goat, and as the title implies, it went extinct, was revived through cloning and once again went extinct. The reason for the extinction of the natural Pyrenean ibex is a mystery. 

The last one, Celia, was found dead on January 6, 2000. It’s been hypothesized that the subspecies died due to its inability to compete with other species for food, or disease, or hunting. The Pyrenean Ibex remained extinct for nine years. 

In January 2009, things changed-- briefly. The biotechnology company Advanced Cell Technology, Inc. started using nuclear transfer cloning from Ibex tissue in 2000. 

It was initially expected to be easy, and the ibex was expected to be cloned back into a good population and returned to its habitat. Problems arose when a suitable male clone could not be created. Nevertheless, the attempts continued.

The first attempt, in 2003, failed. 285 embryos were constructed, but all died before birth. The only success was in 2009, where a clone was at last born alive. This clone, sadly, died seven minutes after birth due to lung defects. This once again rendered the species extinct. 


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