19 Totally Mind-Blowing Facts
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One cheetah mothered at least 10% of all cheetahs in the Southern Serengeti!

It’s a little known fact that animal mothers in the Serengeti aren’t exactly the best. In fact, the mortality rate among cheetah cubs is estimated as high as 95%. There are many factors that cause this such as raids by lions or hyenas, death by exposure, or even that the mother cheetah abandons them because she can’t hunt well enough to feed both her and her cubs!

Then there is Eleanor, the best mother cheetah of them all. She is considered a ‘supermom’, and is a seven-year-old cheetah that lives in the southern Serengeti. The reason for her success when it comes to raising cubs is simple. She’s a great hunter, and manages to keep her cubs safe when travelling the wide open grasslands! You NEED to read the full story by clicking the source


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