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In the US if your dog needs a kidney transplant, you can take one from a stray animal- if you adopt the stray.

Dogs are funny things in the US. Unlike in some other countries, dogs really are part of the family for most US families. So true is this that people really consider kidney transplants for their beloved animals. 

An ethical dilemma then arises: why should a healthy dog lose a kidney? If someone were to take a kidney from an ownerless dog, the dog would need to be euthanized. The solution? A transplant isn’t done unless the donor agrees to adopt the animal that gives up his or her kidney. 

This is so that two lives are saved instead of one life being purchased through another’s death. Of course this only covers kidney transplants. There are other ethical dilemmas in heart transplants for example. On one hand, taking the organs from a stray that is about to be euthanized seems like nothing worth fussing over, but some feel that because the animal can’t exactly give consent, it isn’t fair to kill him or her in a healthy state just for his or her organs. 


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